Justice Partnership Policy

There are numerous situations where the RCMP, Probationary Officers, and other Justice Officials will be contacting the school for information about students that are attending O’Chiese First Nation School. When students are under court stipulations to attend school, the school will provide all attendance records to justice officials requesting specific attendance of those students.


Students who have court stipulations to attend school and experience behavior issues resulting in suspensions and/or expulsions, the necessary Justice Officials will be contacted. If documentation of incidents is required, school incident reports may be provided to justice officials.

The school will cooperate with RCMP, Probationary Officers, and other Justice Officials as necessary. Should information be requested from these entities, the school will provide as accurate information as possible.


O’Chiese First Nation School supports the holistic development of the child, including a student’s full accountability to the community and within the law. While the school will support students and families as much as possible, it must also recognize that the school is responsible to maintain a safe learning environment for all students, including reporting all illegal behavior to the appropriate authorities.

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