What Our Nation has Done for You!

As a Community Member, Individually:

  • Per Capita Distribution for the past 7 years for each band member
  • Settled a land claim in 2006 a one time per capita distribution for every band member born prior to April 30, 2007
  • Host information meetings for both on and off reserve band members regularly and dinners
  • Access to prenatal care, vaccinations, nurses, doctors, transportation for medical
  • Education Opportunities: through O’Chiese school, Post secondary applications accepted annually through YTC and UCEP as well as job training opportunities offered regularly
  • Numerous volunteer opportunities throughout each department with O’Chiese First Nation
  • Annually small business grants are available of up to $20,000 per application & upon approval
  • Job Opportunities: jobs posted on website and in the band office to decrease social assistance dependency


As an Employee:

  • Job  Opportunities
  • Training opportunities offered regularly in house and out of house (ie. safety training, Noris Penny, etc)
  • Staff retreats and treaty day festivities
  • Numerous volunteer opportunities throughout each department with O’Chiese First Nation
  • Annual staff party and Awards recognition ceremony


As an Elder:

  • Summer trip: past trips include Las Vegas, Mystic Lake, Coeur d’Alene and Calgary stampede
  • Low user fee housing and electrical and heating costs are waived
  • Elders involvement encouraged and supported at all meetings and gatherings
  • O’Chiese hosts Elders information meetings to maintain communication and guidance
  • Numerous volunteer opportunities throughout each department with O’Chiese First Nation



  • Treaty day festivities, including free helicopter rides
  • Sundances
  • Feasts


For the Youth and Future Generations:

  • Yearly youth travel: some include Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Albuquerque, Vegas, Disney Land
  • Financially fund sports opportunities for our youth band members
  • Education opportunities: O’Chiese School and YTC partnership funding applications
  • Annual Christmas Concert at the O`Chiese School & Awards & monthly attendance awards
  • Graduation incentives: High School $500, Diploma $700 and a Degree $1000
  • Youth registered as of April 30, 2007 receive $5000 as they turn 18 years old from the land settlement


For the Community:

  • Building a community centre, Pow wow grounds, truck stop, daycare and headstart centre (creates jobs)
  • Building & Creating Training & Job Opportunities : ie: Business Investment Centre
  • Creating new business for jobs: ie: Enterprise 203, Gas Bar, Sand & Gravel
  • Continuing to offer programs: health, social development, parenting, employment, ed., housing
  • Upgrading roads, houses and buildings and building and buying more houses on and off reserve
  • Bought a Coach Bus for traveling long distances
  • Communication through website, newsletters, staff meetings, managers meetings, on and off reserve meetings, and community meetings


What YOU can do for YOUR COMMUNITY:

  • Graduate
  • Obtain and maintain employment
  • Volunteer
  • Make and update your resume
  • Contribute culturally
  • Care for your families
  • Care for your pets
  • Continue personal self growth
  • Attend community meetings, stay informed
  • Attend school meetings
  • Attend cultural events
  • Read your newsletter and website
  • Be positive and encouraging


This is our community and we can be a functioning, vibrant community that is empowered to achieve all the goals that we want when we work together.

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