Social Dev Jan 2015 Update

December 2018 Update

Tracy Beaverbone – Receptionist/Employment Transfer Trainee

Jessica Whitford – Program Manager

Cynthia Yellowface – Family intake worker

Nadaline Beaverbones – ETW – Available for Work and BFB – Multiple Barriers Intake worker

Tania Bremner – Transitional Support Worker/Transportation

Landi Cunningham – Practicum Student/Indigenous Social Work Diploma

Kimberly Littlejohn – Foodbank Coordinator

Crystal Whitford – Foodbank Kitchen Cook Coordinator

Clayton Beaverbones – Janitorial/Maintenance/Employment Transfer Trainee

Joey Beaverbone – Security/Employment Transfer Trainee

Shauna Whitford – Security/Employment Transfer Trainee

Theoron Goodrunning – Night Security/Employment Transfer Trainee

Mini Conference:

We will be bringing in the new year with a mini conference! The Gathering Of Voices 2019 from Janurary 21-25, 2019. Hosted by Ochiese Social Development Contact: Landi Cunningham. Please note that Arts and Crafts Showcase is welcome!


Come into the office for more information on upcoming projects! our Office is Located at the Old School Building

Hours of Operation: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm Mon – Thursday

Closed lunch Hour and Fridays 9:00 pm – 12:00 pm

Office number: 587-798-0430

Fax: 587-798-0859


Social Development would like to thank everyone that has contributed to our community projects, great job and Meeweetch to those that are in partnership with our community projects and workshops. Would like to thank Terri and the Health Centre for for all the invites, great workshops, facilitators and learning experience. Unity is Strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved. Intake workers and Staff would also like to thank our clients that have been actively been volunteering and taking that time and congratulations to those that made the transitions to employment, and or training. Great job!

O'Chiese Community Food Bank

Would like to welcome the O’Chiese Foodbank Staff as well!


Kimberly Littlejohn – Coordinator

Crystal Whitford – Kitchen Cool Coordinator


The O’Chiese Community Food Bank is a program that provides all low-income singles and families with food each month. A hamper is built and given out once clients fill out an application with all supporting documents required. The program has two full time, dedicated employees, Kim Littlejohn – Coordinator, and Crystal Whitford – Kitchen Cook/Coordinator. Hampers are given out once a month (normally mid month) and a hot lunch meal is provided the day of hamper distribution. Hot lunch and hamper days are operated at our local community centre; however, office work is set up at the Social Development building.


The program started in October 2018. Our first hamper date was the 16th of November, the program prepped 40 hampers. Out of those 40, 23 was given to clients who previously applied prior to the hamper date.


The program has also been receiving clothes from numerous donors; therefore, the program has started a small clothing bank for singles and families who are need of clothing. The shop is located at the Social Development building which is open 9:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday – Thursday and Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


The program has been getting numerous donations such as food, clothing and bottles. We are encouraging more donations


Foodbank staff and volunteers are very happy to see everyone come out! Thank you members and visitors for coming out. Everyone is welcome!


Jessica Whitford

Social Development Manager

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