Group 197

The community has many resources such as their own school that accommodates the students from pre-school through to grade twelve with an adult upgrading program that helps the older generations who have the desire to finish their education. The O’Chiese First Nation also has a daycare, a pool hall, public works building, fire hall, and a store. In addition, O’Chiese First Nation has a health centre with a dental clinic and a midwife.

Currently, the O’Chiese First Nation offers a wide range of cultural programming such as cultural camps, diabetic walks, treaty days, sundances, and round dances. Next year O’Chiese First Nation will host a long awaited Pow Wow as the Pow Wow grounds are under construction. Recreation programs for the O’Chiese youth are hockey, baseball, football, dance and a drum group that travels along the Pow Wow circuit.


O’Chiese First Nation also provides initiatives for their elders by taking them on long trips in the O’Chiese coach bus. Last year the elders went to the Calgary Stampede as well as to the United States and the elders continue to look forward to these adventures!

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