Public Health

Public Health Services:
  • Immunization of all population
  • Enforce communicable disease notifications
  • General health education
  • Water sampling
O'Chiese Nurses and Team:

Marlene Strawberry Home Care/ Health Care Aid

Beverly Muskeg Community Health Representative (C.H.R.)

Delphine Strawberry Community Health Representative (C.H.R.)

Darlene Simon Community Health Nurse

Bev Roberts Chronic Disease Nurse

Bobby Cole Home Care Nurse

Mary Gauthier: Nursing Assistant

Brenda Sands CDE RN (Nurse in Charge)

Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines are usually given in the month of October and November.

Community Health Rep: Bev Muskeg


  • Information
  • Support
  • Referrals
What’s Up With Immunizations??

With the start of school means there is a greater chance that illnesses will be passed on between children. Childhood immunizations are the best way to prevent some of the most serious diseases. The vaccines allow the body to build up a defense against some disease germs when they enter the body.

The Public Health Nurses and Health Centre staff will be calling or dropping off notices to parents and caregivers to let them know when their children are due for their immunizations. Please come into the Health Centre and get your children immunized. This is their best defense against some nasty diseases.

Immunization clinics are held at the health centre. If you can come in another day please call ahead and make sure a nurse is available. Call anytime if you have any questions or concerns. (403) 989- 3900.

O’Chiese Health Centre Important Information

The O’Chiese Health Centre will no longer supply:

  • Children’s Vitamins
  • Head lice shampoo
  • Tylenol (acetaminophen)
  • Vitamin D

This is due to decisions made at Health Canada due to the nurses’ scope of practice. Please see your doctor for a prescription if you need to access NIHB to purchase these items. The Health Centre will continue to supply nit combs and up to date information on alternative treatments for head lice.

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