Diabetes Initiative

Diabetes Awareness Walk

On May 28, 2015 O’Chiese First Nation held a DIABETES WALK which started from the Health Centre to the School and back, the paramedics escorted participants. Afterward the paramedics checked each participant’s sugar levels before every enjoyed a healthy BBQ meal. Thank you to the paramedics, the BBQ Cooks, Participants and Health Staff: Excellent walk with great information about diabetes!

Diabetes Educator


  • Referrals
  • One to one counseling
  • Blood glucose monitoring
Are You or Someone You Know Diabetic?

The Health Centre Staff is part of the health care team along with your doctor to help you take control of your diabetes. We also want to prevent you from becoming a diabetic. Call the O’Chiese Health Centre.

Try to make time for the Healthy Living Workshops and DiabeticWorkshops that are offered at the Health Centre every month. These fun and informative gatherings offer cooking classes, food ideas, hints on maintaining or improving your health and usually the chance at winning a great door prize!! Call the O’Chiese Health Centre for more information.

Slick Testing: If you are diabetic or have questions about diabetes call the health centre to make an appointment to have some blood testing done. This is done right here at the O’Chiese Health Centre.

Good Food Box:

Purchase a good food box from the O’Chiese Health Centre, it will cost $5.00 per month and they will issue you a receipt. When the good food box arrives bring your receipt and pick up your box full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Do the same next month and so on. Contact the O’Chiese Health Centre for more information.

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