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Prevention of Head Lice

Lice are most commonly spread directly by head-to-head contact and indirectly through sharing contaminated clothing or belongings. Teach your child to avoid playtime and other activities that are likely to spread lice.

  • Avoid head to head contact common during play at school and at home (slumber parties, sports, activities, at camp, on the playground)
  • Do not share clothing, such as hats, scarves, coats, sports uniforms, hair ribbons, or barrettes.
  • Do not share infested combs, brushes or towels.
  • Do not lie on beds, couches, pillows, carpets or stuffed animals that have recently been in contact with an infested person.

Impetigo is a skin bacterial infection that is very contagious. It is found typically around the mouth and nose. First you will see small spots like insect bites. They will soon become blisters and then scab over with a honey-coloured crust. If you notice this on your child you need to see a Nurse Practitioner or Doctor and get a prescription for antibiotics.


Five year olds will be receiving their Hepatitis B series of three shots. The girls will also be receiving HPV vaccine.

Fourteen year olds will be receiving Menningitis and Diptheria/Pertussis/Tetanus vaccines.


Please call the Health Centre for further information.

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