Money Saving Tips

Simple Ways to Stretch Your Money!
  1. Quit smoking! This will save you thousands per year easily
  2. Do not speed or tail gate; it wastes too much gas
  3. Save your change and roll it up once or twice a year (you’ll be surprised)
  4. Buy used or shop at thrift stores (new isn’t always better)
  5. Plan your meals and stick to the shopping list
  6. Save up before buying an item rather than using your credit cards (no interest)
  7. Live within your means, if you can’t afford it don’t buy it, stay on budget
  8. Host a garage sale to reduce your clutter and gain extra money
  9. Get creative: make gifts rather than buying besides it is more meaningful
  10. Turn off lights, TV’s, and unplug electronics when not in use
  11. Stay home more: rather than spending money out, spend time with family

From the O’Chiese Local Community Newsletter December 2008 Edition

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