Recreation Policy

O'Chiese Recreation Information and Policy

O’Chiese Recreation is set with guidelines based on the O’Chiese Recreation Policy that has been effect since 2012.




1. Statement of Policy

1.1 The OCFN recreation and Sport Program shall ensure that sound financial planning and coordination are conducted for the implementation and coordination of recreational and sporting activities that are offered off reserve which support the values of OCFN Chief and Council, therefore financial costs will be restricted and in accordance with this policy.

2. Principles

2.1 OCFN Recreation and Sport Program will cover up to $ 700.00 per child per calendar year toward coverage of the financial cost for the OCFN children and youth to actively participate in recreation and or sporting activities that are coordinated off reserve based on the following parameters

2.2 This policy applies only to Registered OCFN children and youth, under 18 years of age;

2.3 The OCFN member child or youth must be registered in an active recreation or sporting activity; parents must provide proof of registration in order to qualify for the financial supplement or reimbursement;

2.4 Parents/legal guardians may qualify to receive a “Reimbursement” of fees paid on behalf of their child(ren) or youth only up to $700.00 per child per calendar year, the same guidelines shall be observed in subsection 2.5 below;

2.5 Each parent/legal guardian who wishes to apply for financial supplement or reimbursement for their child(ren) or youth to participate in a recreational and or sporting activity off reserve MUST complete the following guidelines (no exceptions) in order to ensure that all applications and requests are coordinated within the timelines appropriate;

1. Fill and submit a “Request for Sponsorship” form or a “Request for Reimbursement” form (see appendices) to the OCFN Recreation Program Director and or OCFN recreation Program Youth Worker;

2. The submitted official “request” process may take up to ten 10 days therefore it is the parent(s)/legal guardians responsibility to ensure that all requests are coordinated in a timely manner along with the appropriate supporting documentation;

3. The OCFN Recreation Program will note the dated request form the day in which the form is brought to the OCFN Recreation Programs attention;

4. The OCFN Recreation Program will then phone and verify (to the sporting event) that the said person(s) on the registration form is registered, and that the amount (total cost) is accurate, and will note the duration of the recreation activity;

5. Once all the information has been confirmed, the OCFN Recreation Director and or Youth Worker will provide copies to the OCFN Chief and Council for authorization and approval;

6. Once all payment has been verified and processed, the OCFN Recreation Program will notify the parent(s)/legal guardian in which the request was signed, that the request has been approved;

7. The OCFN Recreation program, may depending on the need of the registrant, mail or drop off a payment on the parent(s) /legal guardians behalf (at the request of the parent(s)/legal guardian);


Since taking on the role of Recreation Director in 2012, we have been more focused on the youth of O’Chiese creating programs that are educational and promote education, family oriented, and create the opportunity for personal development based on our traditional values. Program success is based on the amount of community support and volunteerism.


O’Chiese Recreation has funded youth education incentive trips such as, movie nights in Rocky Mountain House, skiing trips to Lake Louise, youth education conferences such as; Dream Catchers, and Honouring the Youth. We also did a big event, an education incentive trip to California, which was based on attendance, academics and overall good behavior in school.

Recreation covers many different sports for adults as well such as;

  • rodeo fees & equipment
  • O’Chiese Baseball teams- tournament fees
  • O’Chiese Hockey teams- Tournament fees
  • O’Chiese Volleyball teams- Tournament fees
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Skating Rink- we have an outdoor skating rink


This is just a brief overview of what recreation covers and what we support financially per year. For more information regarding the OCFN Recreation & Sport Policy feel free to contact myself, – Recreation Director at 403-989-3943 or toll free 1-888-256-3884. We are located at the Youth/Elders building drop by.


Thank you,


Michael L’hirondelle

Recreation Director

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