When It Is Flu Season

It’s Flu Season Again!

Every fall stomach flu and colds hit every home in the community. It often starts with one person, and soon the whole household is ill. How can we help prevent this?

1. Wash Your Hands!

Often….every time you use the washroom, before you eat and many times in between! Most flu bugs are passed along due to not washing hands.

2. Clean Your Door Knobs and Areas That People Touch a Lot a Couple Times a Day.

Use a dilute bleach product or bleach wipe. A few minutes a day doing this task will kill many bugs.

3. Sneeze Into Your Sleeve.

This will keep the germs from your hands and keep the bugs from being passed on through the air.

4. Eat Healthy Food, Get Rest and Stay Active.
5. Get a Flu Shot.

Flu Shot Clinic at O’Chiese Health Centre

Flu shot clinic is scheduled usually in the month of October

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