Health Centre

O'Chiese Health Centre

P.O Box 2348
Rocky Mountain House Alberta T4T 1B7

Phone: (403) 989-3900
Fax: (403) 989-3905
Toll Free: 1-877-989-3900

View of the O’Chiese First Nation Health Centre building from a helicopter


The O`Chiese First Nation Health Team will work to protect, preserve and advocate for the Treaty Right to Health.

The O’Chiese First Nation are signatures’ to Treaty No. 6, “Medicine Chest Clause” between Crown and Treaty holders.

The Crown has a fiduciary responsibility to provide health care for all Treaty People.


The O`Chiese First Nation believes in implementing culturally integrated programs and services for its members. Our mission is to promote and embrace effective health programs and services to strengthen our cultural community.

  • The Health Department administration will on an on-going basis collaborate with leadership, management and membership to support understanding and involvement in the implementation of expanded and improved health services.
  • O’Chiese First Nations plans include a protocol agreement for the provision of extended acute health services delivered in the community.
  • Costs and sustainability of all health programs will continue to be a major focus.
  • The infrastructure of all health services will ensure commitment from all stake holders.
Goals and Objectives:
  • To provide holistic culturally appropriate health care services from birth to end of life in the community. 
  • This includes: Dialysis, Midwifery, Full Time Physician/Nurse Practitioner, Home Care, Long Term Care, Public Health, End of Life Care, Addictions, Diabetes/Chronic Disease, Mental Health, Lab, Paramedic, Dieticians and other health professional/services as needed.
  • Costs and sustainability of all health programs will continue to be a major focus.
  • Western Medicine working with Traditional Medicines/Ceremonies, Culture Keepers.
Administrative Staff:

Health Services Manager: Tania Daychief

Receptionist: Judy Beaverbones

Office Manager/Executive Assistant: 

Finance Clerk: Darian Roan 

Nurse in Charge: Brenda Sands

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