Economic Development Officer


Community and Economic Development is crucial to create value, elevate potential, lift people and create prosperity. Research has given insight into O’Chiese’s culture, economy and history. This provides a platform to analyze and assess our community by promoting a sustained economy and improved standard of living.


We must acknowledge our leadership both past and present for the outstanding accomplishments to date. To oversee an entire community and move forward in best interest of community and for future generations to come.

Admin/Business Centre:

Both have a vital role in economic development. Analysis to date has O’Chiese as one of the top leading First Nations in Alberta-with the direction of our leaders-both must continue to overcome challenges, work together and strive to build our community.


Members, Elders, youth, children, staff and Leaders. We all have a role to play in socio economics! With governance, By-laws, opportunity, health, education, cultural values, justice, employment, health and safety to name a few!

  • Build a relationship of trust with Chief and Council
  • Establish working relationships-internal/external
  • Initial analysis of community key attributes, capacity, assets
  • Explore potential opportunities
  • Establish priorities and coordinate initiatives of socio economics
  • Mobilize key initiatives to increase standard of living

Garett Strawberry

Economic Development Officer

O’Chiese First Nation

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