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Land Acknowledgement

Respectfully, we acknowledge that we live and work in the Treaty Six area and honor the Treaties the Elders agreed to, for as long as the Sun shines, the Rivers flow and the green Grass grows.

Oral History

The history of O’Chiese First Nation suggests that in the early 1800s, the Saulteaux moved west to trap beaver for the NorthWest Company. Some settled in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, with another group settling in the eastern slopes and foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Some community Elder oral histories indicates that the people of O’Chiese came from various areas and located to their present site to prevent their children from being taken to residential schools. Families used the Baptiste River as their winter camp site where they trapped and hunted moose and deer. They migrated as far south as Montana in the summer. O’Chiese became a signatory to Treaty 6 in 1950, when a group of about fifteen O’Chiese families decided to sign an amendment to Treaty 6 and to live on the reserve near Rocky Mountain House. The O’Chiese people are of Saulteaux and Cree ancestry. The traditional language is Saulteaux, although most of community understand Cree and English, approximately 70% speak Saulteaux fluently. Culture is important to the O’Chiese people and practiced regularly.

O’Chiese’s current population is approximately 1542 with O’Chiese Reserves #203 and #203A containing 14,131.9 hectares (34920.933 acres). Approximately 865 individuals reside within the O’Chiese community. 

The infrastructure consists of around 250 buildings, including residences, administration, health, businesses and community buildings. A mapping and address project was recently completed to better identify the locations for emergency services. This can be obtained from the Lands Office, located in Administration.

O’Chiese is located directly east of Sunchild Reserve and there are family ties established between the two Nations.


O’Chiese Administration: 

Address: P.O. Box 1570

Rocky Mountain House,

Alberta, Canada, T4T-1B2

Phone: 403-989-3943

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