Getting Back in the Drivers Seat

ANYONE WITH THEIR CLASS 5 LICENSE who is interested in getting their CLASS 4 LICENSE we are going to fund this initiative. Several people have come forward already. This is great. Please see Kari. With Class 4 you are able to apply for jobs such as: Medical Driver, Bus Driver, Transportation Relief for the 15 Passenger Van, for examples. These jobs are in demand at times!


ANYONE WITH DRIVING RELATED FINES– you can make payments at Rocky Motor Vehicles. There’s a service fee of about $10.00 each time you make a payment, but I encourage everyone to keep chipping away at your fines! If you are able to make full payments you can also go to the Court House in Rocky or Red Deer

We have some people who have paid off their fines on O’Chiese and are moving on to getting their license back. Congrats to you all!


There are also lots of people who have fines and need to pay. If you aren’t sure about the status of your fine you can call the courthouse in Red Deer or Rocky using the rite line 310-0000. Full payment of a fine can be made at the Courthouse. Partial payments at Rocky Motor Vehicles. It is unfortunate but every time you get in your vehicle without a license you are taking a huge risk. O’Chiese needs more licensed Driver’s! Let’s make it happen!



Kari Bayley

Social Development Manager

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